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A huge shout out to the 50+ designers who made it to the first-ever Facemoji KeyJam designer event in San Francisco in July! We had an online competition where YOU (a.k.a. the internet) voted for your without further ado...

Visit to see all the designs 

Online Competition Winner


"Golden Gate Bridge"

Honorable Mentions!

$12,000 prize pool


Baidu and Facemoji are calling for designers for a Jam that you’ve probably never seen before: A Keyboard Jam. (Sorry, musicians, not that kind of keyboard jam.)

We all spend hours every day, texting and communicating using that tired keyboard. So if you could spice up your keyboard and personalize it, how would you do it?

Facemoji #KeyJam2018 Design Challenge

Come design what you feel! But, you know, the shape of a keyboard.

The Facemoji app lets you customize your keyboard. At Keyjam, meet our team and give the old-fashioned keyboard a makeover, creating:

  • Keys, buttons, and fonts
  • Animations and dynamic elements
  • Backgrounds and color palettes

All of the designs you make are yours to keep, but we'd be happy to buy them from you at the end of the challenge!

Judges will keep an eye on the designs that catch their eye (or thumbs) the most and pick the champ. And we totally have champagne to celebrate.

Theme A


Theme B


Theme C


But they’re top-secret ‘til the reveal. You didn’t think we’d just tell you, did you? That’d be too easy. But you can expect just a one-word criteria:

“Oceans” or “Fuzzy” something like that.

The Challenge

Online Favorite


And if you just can’t pick that inspirational niche, we have Theme Category Prizes too...

Didn’t win top-design? Take it to the internet! 

Grand Prize


We’re naming a Grand Prize winner on the day of the KeyJam and it’s anything goes!

We’re hosting a week of polling on our website to give away a prize for Online Favorite.

11:00 AM

12:00 PM 

4:00 PM

6:00 PM 

7:00 PM 

7:30 PM 

Doors Open and Lunch 

Make cool designs!


Deadline & Dinner

Judges Announcement 

Celebrate! (Wine not? Cheers.)  



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